7 days in Bulgaria

Emotional Training

7-day seminars in a Bulgarian village

With Dr. Dror Green

In a small paradise, far from everyday noise, in the heart of nature, you are invited to a unique experience of acquiring simple and practical tools for emotional management. The 7-day seminars are especially tailored for you (individuals, couples or groups), in order to improve your relationships or your parenthood, to cope with changes and crises, and to realize your creativity, happiness and love. 

These are not slogans, since Emotional Training does not provide magic solutions or spiritual enlightments. This is a simple way-of-life, which enables you to improve your life by simple practice and persistence. Like playing a musical instrument you can also improve your emotional skills through daily practice. 

From the moment we are born we learn and evolve. We learn to walk, to talk, and little by little we aqcuire various skills that enable us to be independent. But we were never taught how to use our emotional skills, which are the software that runs our brains and enables us to attune ourselves to reality (to feel in a safe place). 

Emotional Training is a revolutionary method that enables us to identify our seven emotional skills, and to improve them continuously through daily practice. The seminar will provide you with tools that you can practice by yourself, with your partner, with your family or at work. 

The seminar is designed for anyone who wants to improve their lives, enjoy the beauty of the world and realize their potential. 

"Dr. Green is one of the most unique professionals I have ever met. There is no one like him in our profession, and his thinking is original and creative" (Prof. Haim Omer, Tel Aviv University, the author of many bestsellers and a prominent psychologist). 

The seminar

The Emotional Training seminar takes place in the small Bulgarian village, Dvorishte, among the fruit trees, the vegetabale garden, in the heart of nature. Individuals or couples will stay with us in our guest house, facing the cherry orchard. 

Kyustendil region is the source of Bulgarian fruit trees (especially cherries), and is rich in streans and rivers, mountains and hot mineral springs which the Romans discovered two-thousand years ago. 

The seminar consists of seven days, each dedicated to one of the seven emotional skills, from morning until late evning. 

The sessions include practical experience, based on the participants personal history. Each session starts with a short theoretical introduction, and includes simulations and role plays that allow the participants identify the emotional skills that motivates them, and practice them. 

The seminars also include short trips in the beautiful countryside, and meetings with local people. 

The seminars are based on the book Emotional Training, which is a practical guide to emotional management. You can order the book online, or read it for free in the website. 

You can also read the letters of previous seminars participants. 

Personal seminar 

A personal seminar is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their lives, to choose to change or to cope with crises (a forced change, a disease, a trauma or a relationship crisis). 

The personal seminar is tailored for you, for your needs and purposes. The seminar will provide you with tolls that you can keep practicing when you go back home, in order to improve your emotional skills in your everyday life. 

The cost: 3,500 Euro (including transportation from the airport and back, full accomodation and meals in our guest house, not including flight fair). 

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Couples' seminar 

Duality and couples' relationship is a basic human need, and most people spend their lives with partners. Marriage and relationship create a sense of a safe place, and they enhance and prolong our lives. 

To create a stable and good relationship we have to use our emotional skills. But we were never trained as a couple, and we had never been taught how to use our emotional skills in relationships. 

Emotional Training is a simple and effective way to improve the emotional skills that enable us to creat good duality and maintain it. In this seminar you will practice the emotional skills that are relevant to your unique relationship. This is the first step for creating a better relationship. 

The seminar is designated for your special needs, related to relationship or parenthood. During this week we will share our lives with you, and let you take part in the way we use this method. 

The cost: 3,500 Euro (including transportation from the airport and back, full accomodation and meals in our guesthouse, not including flight fair). 

Our Guest house is designed for a couple, and it faces the cherry orchard. It contains a bedroom, a sitting-room, a kitchenette with refrigerator, microwave, electrik kettle, and a bathroom.  

Our guests are invited to eat with us (we are vegetarians), but they can also cook for themselves, if they choose. 



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Group seminar 

You can also join one of the group seminars, or to initiate one: 

1. Emoitonal Training seminar. 

2. Sharing Autonomy and Communal Kitchen: Emotional Training for creating a new community. 

The group seminar is designated for 6-10 participants. 

You can arrange a group and we will prepare an Emotional Training seminar, designated especially for this group (relationships, parnthood, love, retirement, poetry, music, etc.). 

The seminar is suitable for a group of professionals (therapists, GPs, teachers, directors, actors, musicians, lawyers, etc.), in order to improve the professional skills and the relationships between the participants. 

The group seminar creates special dynamics between the participants. Such seminars improve the social skills of the participants, and they are very effective for improving intra-corporate communications of employees at the workplace. 

The group members will stay at a beautiful family hotel in a nearby village, where they will sleep and eat vegetarian breakfast and dinner. 

The rooms are simple, clean and include aircondition. Each room has its unique design. There is no elevator. 

The cost: 1200 Euro (including transportation from the airport and back, full accomodation and meals, not including flight fair). 

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Dr. Dror Green

Born in Jerusalem, 1954. He lives in a beautiful vilage in Bulgaria, where He also founded the Institute of Emotional Training. MA and PhD in psychotherapy (Regent`s College, City University, London). Graduated of the Rubin Academy of Music (composition) and the Hebrew University (philosophy and Musicology). 

He was the director of Cogito School of Psychotherapy, a lecturer and a supervisers of psychologists, psychiatrists and family doctors. He developed the new method of Emotional Training, and as one of the pioneers in Online Psychotherapy he developed the first online clinic.

He is the author of about 50 books, including childrens books, novels, short stories and professional books in psychotherapy. He is  the editor of Freud`s case studies in Hebrew.