About the site

In this site I would like to share with you my method of Emotional Training which I presented in details in my book Emotional Training. You can read the first part of the book in the site's library.

Emotional Training is based on a new and revolutionary concept of human nature that enables us to view human history and achievements from a new perspective. Emotional Training is also a simple and effective way of life, with which everyone can improve their lives and attune them to the new era of the 21stcentury. 

In this site, you can read about the method of Emotional training, converse with me in the open forum (emotional space), start an online consultation in the virtual clinic or join one of my seminars in Bulgaria. 

The site is also a virtual school for new emotional trainers, in programs that integrate practical training in the Institute of Emotional Training in Bulgaria, and regular meetings in the virtual classroom. 


              Dr. Dror Green