Emotional Training

As an expert and experienced psychotherapist I researched and reviewed hundreds of different appsoaches to psychotherapy, all based on different and even contradictory assumptions. I found that most of these schools to psychotherapy ignore the main component of human nature, which is our emotions. I identified and defined the emotional skills, which enable us to attune ourselves to reality, avoid crises, realize our potential and be  happy. We were never taught how to use these emotional skills. 

Thanks to the discovery of the emotional skills I have developed the method of Emotional Training, which is an efficient method for a healthy and productive life. It enables us to identify and improve our emotional skills by ourselves, to cope with our natural death anxiety and to create a sense of a safe place in a changing world.

Emotional Training is not a magical solution but a simple and effective way of life that enables us to create a sense of sasfety continuously, every day, to cope with the changed and challenges of the 21st century and to realize our potential.

Emotional Training is based on a new revolutionary concept of yuman nature that regards emotions as physical responses to stimuli from reality without seperating between body and mind. Our brain is the the most sophisticated computer, and Emotional Training is a software that improves the functionality our the emoitonal process.

Our emotional proces is an automatic pilot thet enables us to respond rapidly to any change in reality, and it always defeats our rational thinking. We can only amend and improve our emotional process through our emotional skills.

You can practice the method of Emotional Training by yourself through my book, Emotional Trainng (you can read the first part of the book in this site). In the unique online clinic, in this site, I can also help you to practice the basics of Emotional Training in personal training. You can also join my group workshops or seminars (in this site or in Bulgaria), so you can adapt Emotional Training to your special needs concerning relationships (for couple or parents), love, creativity and management.

In the eomtional space (an open forum) you can consult with me about Emotional Training, the book and the consultation.


      Dr. Dror Green