Seminars in Europe

Emotional Training

Sharing Autonomy and 

Communal Kitchen

three-day seminar 

with Dr. Dror Green

Are ​we acquipped with the appropriate emotional and social skills to cope with the new era of the 21st Century? How can we choose between global world and national country, religion and liberalism, socialism and capitalism? How can we find a sense of a safe place in a changing world? 

Emotional Training is a revolutionary method that enables us to attune ourselves to the rapid changes around us, and to integrate our individual needs with the emergence of new communities. 

Emotional Training is based on a new concept of human nature, which is compatible with new researches in neuroscience and the central role of empathy as the ground for any social net, without which we are lonesome. 

In this seminar Dr. Dror Green will present the method of Emotional Training for individual growth, and its social implications in creating new communities. He will also present the new concept of 'Sharing Autonomy', a non-hierarchical community, and the practice of 'Communal Kitchen', which is a simple way to start such community. 

"Dr. Green is one of the unique professionals I have ever met. There is no one like him in our profession, and his thinking is original and creative. I am sure that his seminar will be an enriching and exciting experience" (Prof. Haim Omer, Tel Aviv University, the author of many bestsellers and a prominent psychologist). 

The seminar

The three-day seminar is an opportunity to be introduced to the new method of Emotional Training and its individual and social implications. 

Each day includes three sessions, 2-3 hours each. The presentation will include discussion with the participants. 

The seminar is designated for 10-20 participants. 

For details: 

(For farther training you can join Dr. Dror Green's in a small village in Bulgaria where he conducts seven-day seminars of Emotional Training to individuals, couples and groups. 

The seminars are based on the book Emotional Training, which is a practical guide to emotional management. You can order the book online, or read it for free in the website. You can also read Dialogues with The Little Prince, as an introduction. 

Born in Jerusalem, 1954. He lives with Efrat and their four children in the beautiful vilage of Dvorishte in Bulgaria, where He also founded the Institute of Emotional Training. MA and PhD in psychotherapy (Regent`s College, City University, London). Graduated of the Rubin Academy of Music (composition) and the Hebrew University (philosophy and Musicology).

He was the director of Cogito School of Psychotherapy, a lecturer and a supervisers of psychologists, psychiatrists and family doctors. He developed the new method of Emotional Training, and as one of the pioneers in Online Psychotherapy he developed the first online clinic.

He is the author of about 45 books, including childrens books, novels, short stories and professional books in psychotherapy. He is  the editor of Freud`s case studies in  the Hebrew edition.