Emotional Training is an efficient method for a healthy and productive life. You can practice Emotional Training by yourself, in order to improve your emotional skills. It is also a revolutionary solution for creating a new kind of community, in the chaotic culture of the 21st century. 

There are various ways to practice Emoitonal Training. In my book, Emotional Training, I suggest some methods to practice Emoitonal Training, that will enable you to identify and improve your emotional skills.

In order to implement Emotional Training and adapt it to your personal needs in specific fields such as relationships, parenthood, love, business management or personal growth, you can join my designated seminars and workshop.

You can participate in my seven-days seminar in the beautiful spa town Kyustendil in Bulgaria. The town is well known for its cherry orchards, the mineral hot springs and the Osogovo mountains.

After dedicating myself to conducting seminars in Bulgaria in the last five years, I am ready to present the new method of Emotional Training in three-day weekend seminars in Europe, and I am looking for local organizers to arrange such seminars. Please contact me for details. 

If you need a different kind of seminar or workshop, please write to me, and I will try to find the best solution for you: