The emotional process

The emotional process is not a mystic concept, as is customary to believe, but an automatic pilot that navigates us in our lives, enables us to cope with death anxiety and create a sense of a safe place in each moment of our

lives. It is a closed system that enables us to survive. If we don't attune it again and again to changes in reality, it will fail us and create predictable crises. All theories of crises are explained by our avoidance of changing and improving our emotional process.

The emotional process identifies the stimuli that we receive from reality and enables us to respond efficiently. This is an automatic process, in which cognitive awareness plays only a small part. When the emotional process is not attuned to changes in reality, we face a crisis that damage our lives and increase our natural death anxiety.

Contrary to psychoanalytic beliefs, awareness to our feelings doesn't create any change in our emotional process. This explains why our behavior often contradicts our logical thinking and understanding, and why our habits are stronger than our rationality. Among the four stages of our emotional process (cognitive awareness, emotional skills, personal narrative and emotional system), we can only influence our emotional skills, through which we can improve the whole emotional process.

According to the method of Emotional Training we are motivated by the need to reduce our natural death anxiety as much as possible, and to create a sense of a safe place. This is the role of the emotional process.



                                                               Dr. Dror Green