We live in a time of rapid changes in all aspects of our lives, and we participate in a new revolution that is changing the world. This revolution enables us to contact almost all people in the world, opens free access to all kinds of information and creates global culture, which is open to all human beings.

This revolution has many advantages. It enables us bypass the hierarchy of the old culture, and by that it forces countries and economic conglomerates to be transparent and less aggressive. It reduces our dependence on the old power centers and enables us to realize our capabilities, to expand our relationship choices and to be more independent.

Yet, rapid changes create global instability and undermine the established order, and thereby increase the existential anxiety and create new crises. We are forced to adapt ourselves to frequent technological changes, to take place in a continuous race for new jobs and roles, to cope with the changes in international power games and the increasing tensions created by terror, immigration and conflicts with minorities, as well as the global warming.

Despite the technological and scientific progress, we are not equipped with emotional tools that can help us attune ourselves to the new reality. Anxiety and stress disrupt our lives, damage our health and weaken our emotional immune system.

I developed the method of Emotional Training after having an extensive experience in psychotherapy as a therapist, lecturer, supervisor and researcher, and after training psychologists, psychiatrists and physicians as a director of a school of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy does not provide anymore the tools we need in the 21stcentury, and Emotional Training is a practical method that is appropriate for the new era.

In my book, Emotional Training, I present a practical guide to emotional management. You can read the first part of the book in this site.

Emotional Training is resonated with contemporary researches in neuroscience, and with new findings about our inborn empathy, which is the source of human culture and civilization. It may contribute to the creation of a new culture, based on sharing.

The site represents the activity in the Institute of Emotional Training in Kyustendil, Bulgaria, offering a new way of life and inviting you to participate in the study of the new concept of human nature in various aspects of life and creativity.

In the open forum (the emotional space) you can consult with me about Emotional Training and the seven-day seminars in Bulgaria, or about personal and group consultation and training through the Internet.

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                                                                             Dr. Dror Green