Online personal training

How can we cope with our natural death anxiety and create the sense of a safe place in a changing world? How can we efficiently cope with crisis and traumas? How can we learn to create relationships and find love? How can we realize our potential and be happy? Can we do all this without approaching psychotherapy or counseling or coaching?

In my research I have researched hundreds approaches to psychotherapy, and found that they all ignore our inborn emotional skills, which enable us to attune ourselves to reality, avoid crises, realize our potential and be happy.

In my book, Emotional Training, I suggest a practical way to identifying and improving your seven emotional skills, so you can better cope with difficalties, create a sense of a safe place and realize your potential.

Emotional Training is a simple and efficient method for a healthy and productive life, and you can adapt it to your own needs or interests:

  • Relationships (finding a partner, marriage, parenthood).
  • Professional relashionships (therapist-client, physician-patient, teacher-pupil, lawyer-customer).
  • Team work (directors, musicians, actors, sportsmen).
  • Coping with changes (trauma, relocation, retirement, accident).

If you want to adapt Emotional Training to your special needs you can meet me for a personal training in the online clinic, in this site. The personal training is based on a series of eight sessions, in which you can learn the basics of Emotional Trainng and create a work plan for practicing it efficiently. There is always an option to sign for another series of eight sessions.

                     I look forward to meeting you in the online clinic,

                                                                                   Dr. Dror Green