Online Emotional Training


Emotional Training is not 'psychotherapy' but a way of life, based on constant practice that becomes a second nature.

I researched hundreds of approaches to psyhotherapy, and found out that psychotherapy is not realy 'therapy' or 'cure', but a special interaction, based on listening and support in a safe place. From this point of view the same happens in Emotional Training interactions. But while psychotherapy focuses on creating a safe place, Emotional Training provides you with a practical method of creatind such a safe place by yourself, as an ongoing way of life, without being dependent on experts.

In a series of eight sessions in the virtual clinic I will help you to identify your seven emotional skills, and suggest practical ways to practice and improve each of these skills.

The book, Emotional Training, will enable you to deepen and enrich your knowledge. In our meetings I will hslp you to adapt Emotional Training to your special needs, so you can integrate it in your relationships, in your work and in your personal development.

If you need more information concerning Emotional Training, please write to me:

I look forward to meeting you in the virtual clinic,

                                                        Dr. Dror Green