The online clinic 


As one of the pioneers in online therapy I developed the first online clinic, which is an emotional space that creates a sense of safety. The online clinic is a unique space, secured with a password, for learning, practicing and for a supportive dialogue. It includes all kinds of online communication (forum, chat, video-conferencing).

We can correspond in the online clinice in real time or between the sessions, and we can also use chat or video-conferencing. Our dialogue is documented in the online clinic, and you can always review it or comment on it.

The online clinic enables you to save text files or images, videos or lilnks to other sites.

We can also view other sites in the virtual clinic, without interrupting our dialogue. For example, we can talk about your website at the same time, while talking about it. It is a unique opportunity, when you can share parts of your life with me, while we keep talking in a safe place.

While in face-to-face meetings you have to come to my office, the online clinic is yours, and I will meet you there in our scheduled sessions. No one else can use the online clinic or even know that it exists. It creates a sense of a 'home', and you can use it between our meetings and practice the work we are doing. It will also enable you to review the whole process and to recall previous meetings. You can keep the online clinic for a while after we finish our work, so it can remind you of the whole process.

The online clinic is a kind of laboratory in which the emotional process is taking place. It is your own private laboratory, which offers you sophisticated introspective tools of a kind that do not exist in face-to-face psychotherapy.


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                                                                    Dr. Dror Green