Communal Kitchen

a new community for coaches, therapists, counselors and emotional trainers

7 days in Bulgaria, 1-8 September 2017


The Communal Kitchen is a new community and a meeting place for coaches, psychotherapists, counselors and emotional trainers, where leading professionals can share their knowledge, consult with each other and initiate social projects concerning the extreme changes which surround us at the beginning of the 21st century. 

The concept of 'communal kitchen' (and 'sharing autonomy') is based on Dr. Dror Green's new method of Emotional Training and the application of the seven emotional skills in a social context. 

The first meeting is planned for seven participants, and it will take place in Dror Green's studio in a small village (Dvorishte) near the town Kyustendil in the south-west of Bulgaria. During these seven days the participants will discuss the implication of emotions in their work and the option to create a permanent meeting place for a larger group. The initiators of the meeting (Yossi Eilot, Dror Green and Gaby Vidan) will facilitate the meetings, and all participants are invited to present their professional work and concepts. 

The Program

The meeting will take place in the Kyustendil region, in south-western Bulgaria (90 Km from Sofia airport). The town is known for its hot mineral springs, and for its cherry orchards. 

Each day of the meeting will include three sessions (morning, afternoon and evening). The morning meeting will focus on the ideas discussed the previous day. During the afternoon session each participant will give a presentation focusing on his work and ideas the afternoon session. The evening session will enable participants to comment on the presentations and their role in creating the new community. 

Some sessions will take place in the beautiful surroundings of the Bulgarian village. 

We will cook and eat lunch and dinner together (vegetarian meals). 

The participants will stay at a family hotel in a village near the town of Kyustendil, where they will sleep and eat breakfast . 

The rooms are simple, clean and include AC. Each room has its unique design. There is no elevator. 

The expenses: 250-300  per participant (including full accomodation, meals and transport; transportation from the airport and back not included). 

Friday, 1.9 

Participants will аrrive at the hotel independently at varying times according to their flight schedules. 

The First day (Saturday, 2.9) 

The first day will be dedicated to the method of Emotional Training and its social applications in three presentations by Dror Green. 

08:30 - We will go to the market to buy products for lunch. 

09:30 - We will introduce ourselves near the Struma river in Razdavitsa village

11:30 - Preparing and eating lunch. 

14:00 - First session: Dror Green - A new concept of human nature. 

16:00 - Second session: Dror Green - Emotional Training and the seven emotional skills. 

18:00 - Third session: Dror Green - Communal Kitchen and Sharing Autonomy. 

20:30 - Dinner at the hotel. 

The second day (Sunday, 3.9) 

08:30 - Morning session: Near the stream in Novo Selo. Discussion aboUt Emotional Training, Sharing Autonomy, Communal Kitchen, and their relevance to the participants work. 

11:30 - Cooking and eating lunch. 

14:00 - First session: Yossi. 

16:00 - Second session: Gаby - Careers and Professions at the beginning of the 21st century. Are we ready for our call in life? 

18:30 - Cooking and eating dinner. 

20:00 - Evening session: Discussion of the idea of creating a community of professionals (Communal Kitchen) in Bulgaria and elswhere. We will focus on conserving the emerging mix and the way to realize our vision (by means of regular meetings, seminars for community members, inviting guests and considering the community as a platform for cooperation). 

The third day (Monday, 4.9) 

08:30 - Morning session: Near the Struma Bridge. A sharing circle. What can we contribute to each other in order to create an international community of professionals in Bulgaria and elsewhere. 

11:30 - Cooking and eating lunch. 

14:00 - First session: Yvonne. 

16:00 - Second session: Eleonora. 

18:30 - Cooking and eating dinner. 

20:00 - Evening session: Discussion of proposed joint projects in which the community members may co-operate. 

The fourth day (Tuesday, 5.9) 

08:30 - Morning session: Meeting at the hot mineral springs. Discussion of the option of creating a physical center for the community, where members can sojourn, meetings can be held and seminars can be conducted in either small or large groups. 

11:30 - Cooking and eating lunch. 

14:00 - First session: Elke. 

16:00 - Second session: David. 

18:30 - Cooking and eating dinner. 

20:00 - Evening session: Open discussion about the joint seminars in Bulgaria or elsewhere. Each member can initiate a week long seminar and invite other participants from our newlly created community to hold one or two day sessions, in order to integrate different approaches in what we present to our trainees. 

The fifth day (Wednesday, 6.9) 

08:30 - Morning session: We will meet under the Sequoia trees on the mountain. Discussion of one practical application of our concept: How to build a Communal Kitchen - a training course for social entrepreneurs, designed to create safe places where immigrants and members of local communities in Europe are brought together, aiming for a better integration. 

11:30 - Cooking and eating lunch. 

15:00 - Discussion about ways of cooperation. 

18:30 - Cooking and eating dinner. 

20:00 - Evening session: discussion about expanding the community and creating a group of 20-30 professionals who will join the permanent group in Bulgaria. 

The sixth day (Thursday, 7.9) 

08:30 - Morning session: Meeting near the stream in the village of Jilentsi. Discussion about the idea of establishing a community of professionals who will live in a Bulgarian village and create a center for seminars and training. 

11:30 - Cooking and eating lunch. 

15:30 - Afternoon session: Results, Completion and Sequel. Formulating the ideas that were developed during the week and planning the next stages in creating our emerging community (the Communal Kitchen). 

18:30 - Cooking and eating dinner. 

20:00 - Evening session: Farewell circle and planning the next meetings (online and face-to-face). 

The seventh day (Friday, 8.9) 

Travel back to the airport. 

Dror Green

Born in Jerusalem, 1954. He lives with Efrat and their four children in the beautiful village of Dvorishte in Bulgaria, where He also founded the Institute of Emotional Training. MA and PhD in psychotherapy (Regent`s College, City University, London). Graduated of the Rubin Academy of Music (Music Composition) and the Hebrew University (Philosophy and Musicology).

He was the director of Cogito School of Psychotherapy, a lecturer and a supervisor of psychologists, psychiatrists and family general p ractitioners. He developed the new method of Emotional Training, and as one of the pioneers in Online Psychotherapy he developed the first online clinic.

He is the author of about 50 books, including children's books, novels, short stories and professional books in psychotherapy. He is  the editor of Freud`s Case Studies in  the Hebrew edition.