Authors' Village

A vision of a new community in a beautiful Bulgarian village

by Dr. Dror Green


Storytelling is the basic virtue that enables human beings to share their knowledge, create new ideas, document their past and predict the future. While scientists and technology experts can improve our lives, authors are essential for the future of human culture. They provoke our beliefs, test the options of human relationships and lay the foundations for progress and creativity. Independent authors are always the pioneers of civilization. 

In the 21st century, independent authors cannot make a living. Most authors cannot devote all their time to writing and don't have the appropriate conditions for writing. 

The Authors' Village will provide the appropriate personal setting for individual independent authors, as well as a supporting community. 

Writing is an intimate process that each author carry out by his or her own. But while authors need a remote place for writing, they still need someone to talk to, to share their thoughts and stories, or just sit together, watch the river and listen to the birds. The Authors' Village will consist of one hundred houses or apartments in a beautiful Bulgarian village, near the river. Half of the houses will be designated for short time guests (one month), and fifty houses will be inhabited by authors who will stay for a year or more. 


The village

The village, like most Bulgarian villages (there are about 500 villages in Bulgaria), is almost empty. The young people moved to the capital (Sofia) or immigrated to other countries, and those who remained are old people living from small pensions and growing their food in their gardens. Only 120 old residents remain in the village, where 1200 people lived a few decades ago. Most houses are falling apart. 

The village is located in a beautiful valley, on the river, not far from the town of Kyustendil, about ninety Km from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, not far from the borders of Macedonia and Serbia, 120 Km from Greece. 

The town of Kyustendil is the town of fruit trees, and in the fillage you'll find cherry trees, apples, pears, plums, peaches, vines and nut trees. The area is rich with streams and rivers, mountains and hot mineral springs, found by the Romans two thousand years ago. On the mountain there ia a small ski resort. 

There are some grocery shops in the village, a coffee shop and a second-hand shop. Life in Bulgaria is cheap, and in the town of Kyustendil there are many restaurants (a good meal can coast about 5-10 Euro), coffe shops, a market, and a supermarket opens for seven days a week. 

In the village you'll also find a train station that goes slowly between Sofia and Kyustendil three times a day, and there is a bus that goes to Kyustendil three times a day (a taxi to town costs 5 Euros). 


 The authors' house

The house includes two floors. I write in the second floor, and the first floor is designater to guest authours.

There is a bedroom,  

with cushions' corner,

for thinking and meditating,

a living room with a writing desk, 

including a small kitchenet,

A shower and toilet, including a washing machine,

and an entrance wathing the garden. 

The apartment is suitable for a single author or a couple. 

The cost: 500 Euro per week (at least for two weeks) and 100 Euro per additional day. 

I will be glad to share my experience as an author and publishers with my guests. 

The Bulgarians are proud of the four different seasons, each of them specializes with unique weather and views, that also influence the work in the garden.

In spring the whole countrey wakes up, the trees blossoms with flowers and the the whole village becomes green. It is hard to describe the beauty of the trees, reflected in the river. The summer is how but regular rain keeps the plants green. In Autumn the trees become red and in Winter the snow covers the earth. It is cold, but the houses are heated with wood fireplaces. 

For details please write to me: drorgreen@gmail.com

Or call me through WhatsUp: 00359-888-306092 

Dr. Dror Green

I was born in Jerusalem, 1954, and since 2008 I live in a small Bulgarian village and teach my four children in homeschooling.

I am the author of more than fifty books, including novels, short stories, childrens' books, poetry and professional books for psychotherapists. I am the editor of Freud's case studies in the Hebrew edition. I am also a translator and an illustrator. 

My books were published by the best Israeli publishers, and later I founded 'Books, Publishers', where I published and edited many books, including Freud's case studies and poetry.

When I was young I was an expert in graphic desight, book production and publishing, and was the director of 'The Jerusalem Design Workshop.

I studied psychotherapy (MA and PhD) in London (Regent's College, City University), and graduated of the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem (composition) and the Hebrew University (philosophy and musicology).

I was the director of Cogito School of Psychotherapy (in Israel), a lecturer and a supervisor of psychologists, psychiatrists and family doctors. I developed the new method of Emotional Training and was one of the pioneers in Onlind Psychotherapy (I also developed the first online clinic). 

I was the managing director of The Israeli Music Publication, and I invented the Trixxy Puzzle (more than 500,000 puzzles have been sold worldwide). 

I served as an art curator for some exhibitions, including the Israeli painter Joseph Hirsch and the international photographer Neil Folberg. 

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